st maarten and anguilla

Well, I just got back last night from a great trip to St. Maarten. I was visiting my brother Andy, who is in med school down there, for a good 5 days / 4 nights. It was easily the best time I’ve ever had (or close to it), the most beautiful place I’ve been to in terms of look & feel, and certainly a much needed getaway from the states.

Our days consisted of drinking piña coladas in the AM and some heinekens in the PM, lounging at the beaches, touring the island, eating ribs, listening to music, traveling to Anguilla, playing beach volleyball, smoking great cigars, going to some good bars/clubs/restaurants, and taking our time to do everything. We were always full, sunny, warm, sandy, relaxed, and happy.

Considering it was pretty simple to get down there (flew through Charlotte, 1.5 and 3.5 hr flights – see SXM airplane landing here) I may just go back pretty soon. It’s really all about taking the step. I’m sure glad my brother took the step to get away and live/learn down there. I feel like a lot of people just can’t take that step, even if it’s just for the visit. Sure there are financial and other personal considerations/obligations that make that step seem too big to take, but trust that happiness and fulfillment will come with taking that step. If they don’t, then maybe try another staircase.

2 thoughts on “st maarten and anguilla

  1. beach volleyball look at you! i didn’t know you liked to play, i just signed up for an intramural team can’t wait. 🙂

  2. Ohhh nice, I’m looking forward to going in August – but is that the only way to land there? Ewwww….I think I’ll have to start the pina coladas on the plane! :-O

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