practical fox

why oh why do they call me sly
i simply want a meal
not something that I make myself
but something that I’ll steal
i call myself more practical
and think they should be glad
they made too many sandwiches
and in an hour they’ll go bad

to leap or not to leap

to leap or not to leap
that is the question
whether i’m sadder in the pond
should i miss my mark
or gladder where i am
alone in the dark
the land seems far
i can barely see its shore
but a lightning bug glow
illuminates the score
if i leap and fall short
what a fool i’d be
to give up my pad
or perhaps i’ll feel bolder
moving past what i had
i curl my toes
and spring-load my legs
take a deep breath
and give all my might!
a burst of fresh air
away, i feel free
and line up my spot
knowing if i miss
the leap’s worth a shot

stinky skunk

the stinky skunk
thinked and thunk
her scent was rather charming
but those she knew
found the pew
crude and quite alarming
she tried a bath
to nix the chaff
the smell got even stronger
with loads of soap
and swishes of Scope
it lingered even longer
the scent so bad
the skunk got sad
no friends to run and play
instead she hid
way off the grid
to keep the whiffs away
until one eve
when she met Steve
an equally reeky pig
alone no more
aromas galore
they danced a smelly jig


the number six is maybe the best
six six six six six six six
better than prime it’s evenly perfect
every number wants to be six
superior highly composite six
perfect harmonic divisor six
six six six six six six six
so many sixes i might get six