st calzones day

So quick little post on the origin and the meaning of St Calzones Day. This year is the 6th annual St Calzones Day celebration, and looks to be the largest celebration to date. It started back in 2004 with Ben Woolley and I having a light discussion that turned into a wild night of fun and laughter. Despite a long night’s sleep that night, we remembered the ideals on which our initial discussion took place and characterized the day as a celebration to continue. And so, St Calzones Day was born.
Throughout the years, we have defined it to be a celebration of the Three F’s: Friends, Fun, and Food. It is to occur on whichever weekend in March works best for the most amount of people, and is really not bound by anything more. There are some traditions that have stuck, including the passing of the calzone, drinking of the wine, wearing of the jerseys, breaking of the Carlo Rossi, and tunes of Lou Monte. Each year usually brings something new including a secret swap of new jerseys, presentations on calzonius topics, games such as trivia, and new items on the menu.

I must say that this is my favorite day of the year and truly represents the happiness that should always be shared amongst friends. For those of you that could not make it this year, we hope to see you in celebrations to come!

With Sauce And Cheese,

Mister Pepperoni Chef