black taxi – but anyway

OK – so here’s the Blues Traveler hit But Anyway covered by Black Taxi. I don’t know when this was recorded but I’m guessing around 1999-2000 or something like that. I was probably in some growth stage as my voice is pretty interesting. But anyway, it was fun.
Note: I had to upload as a video as Blogger won’t accept mp3s yet, so I made a slideshow with some pics from high school days. Didn’t have many digital photos to work with, but some are entertaining.
Black Taxi

Dave Conlogue – Lead Guitar
Kyle Berardinelli – Bass Guitar
Jerrod Cattey – Drums
Dan Ridgeway – Harmonica
Kevin Berardinelli – Vocals
Dan Goucher – Band Manager

Ian Johnson – Roadie / Videographer / Chick Magnet

2 thoughts on “black taxi – but anyway

  1. dude – kris norvet here, black taxi manager (indie band in nyc) – are you the guys whose picture we found, where you're all wearing tshirts that say black taxi? youre in junior high or something…anyways, saw on your twitter feed youre going to be in nyc this weekend? we're making our bowery ballroom debut tonight at 930pm! i can put you on the list…email me at!

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