when history repeats itself itself

the memory is pure, but it’s just a flashback borrowed:
a strong link to the past, but a weak one to tomorrow.

the picture is clear, but it’s just a glimpse deranged:
nothing’s really different, yet everything has changed.

the meaning is real, but it’s just a carbon copy:
identical on the surface, but underneath it’s sloppy.

the thought is deep, but it’s just ol’ déjà vu:
ancient is the memory, but the circumstance is new.

when history repeats itself, we’re quick to place the blame,
lessons learned gleaned nothing, and time produced the same.

but take a closer look – today is not the past –
and chart a new path forward where the opportunities are vast…

“History is the only laboratory we have in which to test the consequences of thought.” – Etienne Gilson

2 thoughts on “when history repeats itself itself

  1. “The picture is clear, but it’s just a glimpse deranged:
    Nothing’s really different, yet everything has changed.”

    Love it!

  2. very encouraging beautiful poem.. i really like it.. we as humans should always stop looking back at the past and just live in the now and present.. i myself am guilty of thinking too much of the past to the poet where it really annoys me.. :-D.. thanx for sharing

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