perfects, primes, and planets

a simple poem with a significant end
get the result, and perhaps you’re a friend
so riddle me this, riddle me that,
use pen and paper and your best thinking cap…

let’s start you off, here’s one for the money
in chinese it’s death, unlucky but funny

the seventh fibonacci should be easy to see
but if that’s too hard then take two to the three

now keep the dwarf in the orbital loop,
give me a count of our planetary group

a champion of numbers, a winner of sort,
when one has won and they’re top of their sport

then something to fathom, the star is divine
or give me a width of a vitruvian kind

now how bout a gimme, a favorite of mine
this one’s the one only even prime

and last but not least, i hope you’re awake
the first perfect is this keplerian snowflake

now put them together, from bottom to top
a day in my life – big thanks, mom and pop!