first post… welcome!

Well it’s about time I started a blog. I’m not going to recruit followers but indeed need a place on the interwebs where I can capture my thoughts. If some followers accidentally get piped to my blog and gain interest, well alrighty then! I’ll keep it interesting.

Well how about an explanation of the name to start. Adsideology was something I started back in college. I was learning about different religions, philosophies, philanthropies, and sciences, and realized my thoughts aligned with no existing thought group. Rather than confuse anyone interested in my personal beliefs, I thought I would give a name to my way of thinking in hopes it would help me explain its roots.

Adsideo is latin for to sit or to be at one’s side; to give comfort or advice. More broadly, I see it as the science of developing strong, mutual relationships through general social interaction, while finding happiness and love in the search for questions and answers. It is meant to instill good values in anyone looking to better understand the world in which we live.

I don’t expect that to wow anyone or to make anyone better understand me, but hopefully through some more reading of my blog you’ll find something interesting to talk (or laugh) about with others.

As a final note, this blog might be about anything. I love my job, I love sports, I love science, I love working with kids, I love reading, I love learning, I love asking questions, I love dreams, I love getting dirty, I love my family, I love my friends, I love cooking as much as I love eating, I love technology, I love space, I love math, I love thinking, I love music, I love how the word “love” probably looks funny to you now. So, it might be about anything.

“Spend your days not in anonymity, but rather in the societal sharing of culture, intelligence, and imagination.”

3 thoughts on “first post… welcome!

  1. i just re-read this, and laughed out loud in the part where you say “I love space.” I don’t know why, but I just thought about how you used to wake up in the middle of the night to see meteor showers and stuff, and then i told you i hated space. i did like it that one time we went to the softball field in the middle of the night though. but just that once.

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