tower of power

You can’t beat Tower Of Power. Last night at the State Theatre in Falls Church, VA was an absolute groovefest. I can’t even move right now my legs are exhausted from two steppin’ it all night. With hits like “Soul With a Capital ‘S'”, “I’ve Got To Groove”, “You’re Still a Young Man”, and “Diggin On James Brown”, the theatre was in bump city with vivacious vocals, bellowing bass, and hip-swingin’ horns.

The half-seated / half-standing venue was packed with mid-sixties, mid-forties, and two mid-twenties bouncin’ to the brim as every seat in the house was within arms’ reach of the trumpet line. As a side treat, the audience included two other legends, one from the Temptations and one from James Brown’s band, both grabbing the mic for a line or two as they stood front row. Good music certainly has no age limit and some current young guns could learn a thing or two from these hipsters of hop. I’m quite glad my mom (who is a two steppin’ legend) introduced me to T.O.P. and it ranks up pretty close to the TOP on my list of greatest performances seen live.

If you want to check out Tower Of Power, click here for a list of their upcoming tour dates. If you don’t want to check them out, then you got to FUNKIFIZE!