where’s tad?

where’s tad the toad?
i haven’t seen him in weeks
he left some food on the stove
and now his kitchen reeks

i checked all his logs
not a trace of dear tad
if he doesn’t turn up
no joy can be had

a call to miss lily
surely she’s seen tad
but she’s missing too
and empty is her pad

a stop at the school
where tad tends to study
no sign of the guy
where is my buddy?

a stroll by the farm
where lily likes to play
but empty is the place
minus eight bales of hay

last stop’s the swamp
where the two tend to roam
and what do you know
two toads in the loam

forgetfulness is funny

i remember i was here
in this place at some time
the faces look familiar
though the memory i can’t find

i rummage through my brain
i think i’m getting near
and something sounds familiar
but the picture isn’t clear

did we exchange some words?
was i laughing at the time?
and now i stand confused,
rather chuckling at my mind

well i guess i’ll give it up
and move on to something new
forgetfulness is funny
so thank you, déjà vu

Image: “Colorful Cobwebs” (via the Kazuya Akimoto Art Museum)