who’s who

it’s the annual who’s who of birds
and in most years the winner is clear
one trillion years straight the owl has won
with not a challenger in sight
but in this year’s who’s who
the show’s not at night
and you know who slept through the show
the winner this year is the owl of light
the morning dove takes home the dough

where’s tad?

where’s tad the toad?
i haven’t seen him in weeks
he left some food on the stove
and now his kitchen reeks

i checked all his logs
not a trace of dear tad
if he doesn’t turn up
no joy can be had

a call to miss lily
surely she’s seen tad
but she’s missing too
and empty is her pad

a stop at the school
where tad tends to study
no sign of the guy
where is my buddy?

a stroll by the farm
where lily likes to play
but empty is the place
minus eight bales of hay

last stop’s the swamp
where the two tend to roam
and what do you know
two toads in the loam


my pet alpaca likes gumdrops
especially the ones with lots of extra sugar crystals
and double extra especially the green ones

to him, the sound they make when they hit the floor
is like a parade of exuberance
amplified by the sense of nothing else matters

that gummy gel glistens bright on the dusty floor
like khufu at high noon
or the luxor on saturday night

his hooves take a spin and head lurches forward
as his trunk tries to keep up

his bubble gum tongue rolls out like tape
coated in anticipatory glue

his thick white fleece flows in the air
as he arrives and gobbles it up

parrot blabber

hello! please sorry my english
i’m a parrot of many few words
just simple ones to go by here now
are you give me your papaya?

please forgive my clumse
i also wobble a lot
i grew on ships as a tot, hello!
the seawaves still give me sick
ohh noo. what was i say?

please forgiven my words
i learned english from a seal
he taught many few words to me
and was much better good at art

so i beg this pardon for me now
do excuse my tongue, hello!
i’m a parrot of many few words
and i need your papaya to eat


i once knew a calico cat
he spent all his time chasing rats
rats eat garbage and carry diseases
i don’t want to be a cat

i once tried to mimic a frog
by sitting all day on a log
it was so boring i thought i might croak
i don’t want to be a frog

i once shared a bus with an owl
we hooed at the riders who scowled
knowing only one word is really boring
i don’t want to be an owl

i once toured the sea with a shark
we didn’t find much it was dark
you can’t even see the stars at night
i don’t want to be a shark