update #3: this year in baseball

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Well, here we are. Two days away from game 1 of the World Series. It’s about time I wrap up my predictions for the year and let you in on what to expect over the next week and a half.

My playoff predictions were filled with rights and wrongs. In the AL, although I predicted the Red Sox would have taken the Angels deeper than three games, I had the ALCS match up and result correct (Yankees in 6). In the NL, I was way off. I missed the NLCS match-up entirely. Part of that must have been my desire for the Yankees to avoid the Phillies. Silly me.

But here we are, Yankees vs Phillies. The first known is that the series will conclude in New York (Game 6 or 7). Neither team will let this be a short series. Therefore our options are now narrowed to four possibilities: Phillies in 6, Phillies in 7, Yankees in 6, Yankees in 7. The second known is that my love for the Yankees means more than any statistical analysis at this point. And so, my predictions:

Result: Yankees in 7
MVP: A-Rod (two game-winning hits)
Runner-Up: Cano (he’ll bat 0.450 with 5 RBIs)
Total Runs: Yankees 27 – Phillies 22
Other: Mattingly pinch hits in game 7 for a nice sac bunt.

Go Yanks!