happy havens

We all need something – a haven – through which we can rid ourselves of stress and pain and renew our mind and body.

Stress is a part of life. So is pain, sadness and sorrow. There are times when we feel really small – when we don’t have an impact or don’t matter that much. There are times when we feel big – the world is closing in on us and we are at a breaking point. That’s when we all need to find a haven.

A haven is a place to go – physical, mental, or spiritual – where you come back to your own self, to your most simple and purest form. It’s a place of refuge or rest. It’s a sanctuary for your mind, body, and soul.

There’s a funny thing about life, that feelings can change in an instant. Good days can turn bad with a frown. Bad days can turn good with a smile. With that, we must know that when we are in a rut, there are places to go that can always pick us up and renew our spirits. Places where you can refresh yourself and turn you back into you. Places where you can root the weeds and plant some seeds.

A haven is…
…a place that spurs rejuvenating, creative thought.
…a person that gives you the love and joy found nowhere else.
…a feeling that, when absorbed, squeezes out the immediate stresses of life.
…a view that brings you back to the “big picture”.

A haven is not…
…somewhere to just be alone – havens can be for couples, families, and larger groups.
…one place or thing – it may be the right combination of feelings and surroundings.
…unchanged – havens can be dynamic through time.
…something you have to find – many times it will find you, at the right moment and right time.

A few havens of mine:
Seeing the stars at night or the sun at dawn.
Knowing and feeling love.
Thanksgiving dinner.
Funny dreams.
Fall foliage, cool breeze, mountains, and the serenity of nature.***

In the end, it’s important to know that these places and feelings exist, and that at many times in your life, happiness is only a haven away.

***Picture at top is from last weekend in Blue Ridge Mountains / Shenandoah Valley with Christine. The foliage and scenery were absolutely beautiful and we had a great time at Wintergreen Resort – highly recommend it!