garden progress march 29

I figured I’d post an update on the development of my garden. Let’s start with the before pic…

To put this image in perspective (taken 3/8/09 when my plot was assigned) the previous renter randomly disappeared in the middle of last year. He left the place a mess of weeds and trash and didn’t have much of a plan going into it other than having a walkway of misshapen rocks down the center of the plot. And when I say weeds, I mean there were a TON of weeds. Not those easy-to-pull-out guys like some broadleaf plantain stuff but more like some goosegrass with extensive root systems and other large infectious species that mind as well be rooted in the center of the earth for all I know. In addition to the weeds, the fencing surrounding the plot was all tangled up and the door didn’t even work properly. So that’s what I was given…
Where am I now? So far I’ve put in about 8 hours of work with a big help from my roommate Chad on last Friday. I spent a good 3.5 hours out there today in the cool sun and am getting closer to being able to pass the April 6 inspection. Here’s an image from today, and then I’ll point out some highlights.
This pic is taken from where the new fenced door now stands. On the left (out of the image) is a newly-positioned, staked, and sturdied fence along the main walkway. IN the back left is the patio with secure storage unit, seating area, and tools. On the back fence I stacked extra stones and bricks I’ll use for middle walkways and bed borders. In the back right is a pile of extra dirt/compost to be used for the beds. There are 3 beds now set up on the far side that just need some care and shape before anything can be planted. What you can’t see close and to the right of the camera is lots of weeds still left. I’ll be setting up three more beds and am transplanting two very nice rose bushes for some looks. 
That’s about it for now. Good progress, but a ways to go.