organizational cycling

It is imperative for every organization to align around common procedures. Whether it’s sales, product management, operations/production, client relations, beta testing, etc. establishment of a framework is beneficial in many ways. This is not to say that independence is a bad thing, however, no matter if the organization is big or small, a good balance of procedural alignment and individual direction is a recipe for success.

Ideally, most processes can fit into 4 main boxes forming a circle of logical steps. Binning concepts into 4 boxes allows for intuitive realization of processes. Studies in numerology have generally put 5 or 7 as good numbers for the human brain to process, however it is my opinion that 4 is a good cyclical standard. This is because it is even and natural to break down into two pairs, where a pair is then recognized as one (e.g. ying and yang, ernie and bert, salt and pepper).

I think the sales meeting cycle is a good example of a process in need of procedural definition. the image is an example of a 4-step sales meeting cycle, binning components within the process and looping for continuous flow. This is just a framework to follow that can assist in other organizational elements, such as quality control, effective communication, annual reviews, strategic sales assessments, and technical developments. If each participating member/employee can think along each step, their brain will be triggered with preparation needs, innovations, self-confidence, and self-awareness. Especially in sales, these are all positive elements in moving forward as a team.

Anyways, the point here is that whether in a start-up or very old organization, it’s important to get things on paper, and procedural frameworks are a good start. These are not to be hard-coded into our brains, but general cycles to follow and refer to when necessary. Visually, they will trigger the effective communication and commonality needed for teamwork, and allow for innovation and confidence needed for positive individual contribution. balance is beautiful.
“Last night I was laying in bed looking up at the stars and sky and I thought to myself, where the heck is the ceiling?”